A materialization of time, a symbol for the preciousness of the moment and a reminder of its transience.

CITY: A SKETCH // Light installation

The authors (Andrej Štular & Janez Grošelj) devised an integrated spatial ambient, full of details such as the set of mobile elements and varied mechanical devices to create an illusion for the viewer with the help of light, shadows and sound of (being in) the dynamic cacophony that is a modern city.

The dammed // light installation

An artistic commentary of current reality where breath has become a kind of a biological weapon that can instantly stop all public life, this conceptual installation consists of a sensor that responds to blowing: the spectator can extinguish street lights with a blow of their breath.

Space invader // light installation

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Wavescope // light installation

An abstracted visualization of lightwaves as a phenomenon that can transfer energy, light, sound and information through space.

Tree heartbeat // light installation

The Tree Heartbeat project thematises man's connection with nature, the tree and man are thus considered as parts of a unified and connected system where many relations and interdependencies take place. The concept of this interactive project relies on the light elements on the tree, whose canopy is crisscrossed with many LED tapes which are programmed to create transitions in light intensity in the canopy to resemble the flow of a heartbeat. The entering point of the system is a sensor, attached to the trunk on which visitors can lay their hands, which will make the lighted canopy pulsate in a faster rhythm. Co-authored with Sabina Černič.